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ICS is proud to offer ShoreTel products that are designed to boost productivity and meet the needs of every user. Whether you’re a busy executive or remote worker, operator or contact center agent, ShoreTel provides today’s constantly connected workplace with advanced features, high performance and quality. With ShoreTel’s Unified Communications system, each phone is preconfigured for quick and easy installation.

Some key features of ShoreTel phones:

Ergonomic Design
ShoreTel’s elegant design is both beautiful and functional. A precision-balanced, contoured handset which can rest comfortably against the ear maximizes productivity while minimizing user fatigue and shoulder and neck pain.

The concave sweep of the phone itself positions the keypad horizontally for ease of dialing and affords an optimum angle for the display. All ShoreTel phones are equipped with a control face, making it easy for users to manage communication tasks like call transfer, conferencing, call parking and intercom.

Improves Communications
To help keep communication flowing across your organization, all ShoreTel phones come equipped with a display. This allows users to quickly see who is calling, check for missed calls and messages and view the call’s status. Phones also feature an integrated Ethernet switch that allows a network drop to be shared with a desktop PC.

In addition, ShoreTel phones feature crystal-clear audio quality, seven full octaves of sound (many phone only offer three) and support multiple languages. For hands-free conversation, ShoreTel phones have high-fidelity, full duplex speakerphones that deliver exceptionally clear audio.

Streamlines Communication Management
All ShoreTel phones interoperate with ShoreTel Communicator (formerly ShoreTel Call Manager), so settings, call handling rules, presence information, automatic directory updates and other features can be managed according to users’ preferences. For instance, users can extend the power of their phone far beyond their desks with ShoreTel Office Anywhere, which allows them to assign their extension to any phone, including a mobile phone or home phone.

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