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What is Hosted PBX?

PBX stands for Public Branch eXchange, and refers to the telephony switchboard hardware. PBX is used where an incoming phone call can be routed to different extensions. Non-hosted PBX requires the hardware to be installed on-site just as. Emerging technology no longer requires these devices to be installed on-site. With a hosted PBX service, when a call is placed, it gets directed to a specific extension instead of going to the business location using the hardware system. The hosted PBX provides advanced call routing service without requiring anyone at the company to manage the technical side

There are additional benefits to getting a PBX service or advance PBX system aside from routing calls. Some of the additional benefits of hosted PBX system are such as: handling holds and transfers, allowing more than one person to be reached from a single business number, managing incoming calls for the business that are not immediately picked up, receiving voicemails and faxes, having automated greetings or messages, using touchtone menus, organizing conferences, recording calls, forwarding phone calls to the first available person in a department.

Due to the fact that PBX is a hosted system, there is no high initial cost required for buying the expensive hardware. Furthermore, no upgrade cost is needed for changing the hardware. Unlike traditional PBX services, hosted PBX makes advanced business technology available for even small businesses.

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