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ICS offers a variety of phones to extend the power of IP telephony over a wireless LAN. Designed for a wide range of needs and environments, these highly scalable IP wireless phones will give your business access to features such as conferencing and corporate directories. Contact us today to learn which wireless system is right for your business.

Improve Productivity
With wireless connections, your employees can stay productive, even as they move through the building or across campus. Enhanced voice quality ensures that they communicate clearly and efficiently.

Investment Optimization
IP wireless phones can be integrated with your existing servers. Therefore,   current systems can be enhanced with a smaller investment.

Get the Features You Want
With a wide range of handsets and features, you can get the capabilities that best fit your needs.

Grow at Your Own Pace
Add more phones and new applications only when you need them.


Get started today!

ICS can help you with your business communication solution from initial consultation and selection to installation and training.



Intelligent Communication


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